Yesterday was a major milestone. I really feel like the trip has started at last. I took the fully prepared and packed ( I hope ) bike to the lovely people at Motofreight so it can be put in it’s enormous cardboard box and flown to Bogota.

It has been a hectic few weeks to get to this point and it’s quite a relief to be honest. I had intended to try out my new tent a few days ago but didn’t get round to it till about 9pm on Tuesday evening so I pitched it in the back garden in the dark with a little light drizzle for added entertainment. The blurb said it took 7 minutes to pitch – one of the reasons I bought it. It actually took me 47 minutes before I could put my sleeping bag inside and crash out, damp, sweaty, cross and tired but actually pleased I’d taken the trouble. Slept quite well.

Recently I have been enjoying a number of farewell drinks with friends and there are a couple more to go still! Thank you all for your good wishes, and the odd expression of doubt as to my sanity. I have no doubts; only a gently bubbling feeling of excited anticipation. Not surprisingly, I have been riding the bike a lot recently and I know this sounds weird but it also feels even more lively than usual, as if it too is a bit excited.

Kathy at Motofreight has put me in touch with Veronica at Cargorider in Bogota who will manage the arrival of the bike and the Customs procedures. She has also very kindly arranged my accommodation in Bogota for the first four nights as well as an airport pick up. Ian, Phil and Tom are making their way through Central America and are likely to be in Bogota a day or two after me. That should give me an opportunity to get a feel of the place and have a wander. I have also made contact with more friendly people, this time at the BMW dealership in Bogota, in case the bike needs any last minute fettling.

Only eight more sleeps.DSC_0499