I’m Mark Fiander, the 4th Loosenut. I am joining up with Phil, Ian and Tom in Bogota at the beginning of September for the remainder of the trip.
I first met Tom in October last year through a mutual friend, Will Harrop-Griffiths, and we rode through Portugal together for five days. I had never met Phil or Ian until February this year when they came to my house for a planning meeting relating to this trip. All four of us then rode together in southern Spain together on an offroad training course for three days. That’s it! I’m now going to spend the next three months riding with them – what could possibly go wrong!
Not being able to join the trip from the beginning, due to prior commitments, didn’t seem too much of a problem back in November last year when we all agreed it would be OK for me to join up in Bogota and it wasn’t a problem during the planning stages as we were all copied into our email and Whatsapp exchanges. That all changed when the intrepid three actually landed in Alaska.
Since then my excitement levels have been going North slightly quicker than their initial Southerly progress! My own prep has gone well and my 6 year old BMW F800GS is ready to go. As readers of this blog will know, there have already been a number of incidents and I almost feel as though I have experienced the disappointments more intensely as I haven’t been there to help out. Equally, the high points look and sound amazing. I hope I will be able do the top half of the trip one day. But, for now, I’m counting the days until the bike goes to Motofreight on 23rd August, latest, and my flight, which is booked for 1st September.
So that will do as an intro. My next post will, I hope, be from South America!